Theft Offenses

Florida law prohibits a wide range of theft crimes. Generally, theft involves the taking of the property of another without permission with the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive them of the use of that property. At the less serious end is petty theft, which involves property worth under $300 and is a misdemeanor. Grand theft, taking property worth over $300, is a felony. As the amount increases so does the potential penalty, right up to first degree grand theft ($100,000 or more)here. It is also important to know that if you are charged with a theft offense multiple times even a simple petty theft can become a felony (petty theft third or more).

There are several types of robberies prohibited by the Florida Statutes. In general, robbery is taking the property of another by using force or a threat. Purse snatching is an example of one of the less serious forms of robbery. There are also factors which can make simple robbery, a second degree felony, more serious. For example, wearing a mask, using a weapon, or using a gun increase the level of offense. If enough factors are present (for examples, wearing a mask and using a gun) robbery can become a life

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