Traffic Offenses

Failing to properly address traffic violations can turn a law abiding citizen into a felon. If your license gets suspended and you keep driving, driving with license suspended charges can ultimately be charged as a felony (third or more or as a habitual offender). There are several ways your license can be suspended due to a traffic ticket. Some of these are by the court depending on the offense, if you get too many points in a specified time period, or if you fail to pay a traffic ticket your license can be suspended.

There are many possible resolutions for traffic tickets. We can make sure that the officer’s equipment was up to date. If not, it may lead to your case being dismissed. We can also make sure that what you allegedly did is actually an offense. For example, changing lanes without using your signal is only a traffic offense if other vehicles are effected.  Law enforcement often does not know this. Finally, we can discuss you the person with the officer and court to reduce penalties, fines, and seek to keep the points off of your license.

Josh Faett, Esq.

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